Rotary Drum Screens

Rotary Drum Screens Rotary drum screens used as efficient fine screens in wastewater treatment plants. There are two main types of drum screens; internally drum screen and externally drum screen.

Wastewater is fed into the internally fed drum screen, then dust is captured in the drum. With the help of inner helezon, fine particles are getting out of the equipment. Treated water goes through the openings towards the reservoir of equipment. Externally fed drum screen captures the dust out of the drum and treated water goes through the openings towards the reservoir.

Externally-fed rotary drum screen, throws out the particals without infusing into drum, contrary to internally-fed drum screen. After, treated water filtered through the tambur, the process goes on within collecting in reservoir of the equipment.

Generally rotary drum screens are driven automatically by lifting liquid to the flanged inlet of equipment with the help of submersible wastewater pumps.
Rotation of drum is driven by an appropiate rpm reductors. This is different from static sieve screens, because of the electricity energy requirement.

Most of the industrial applications drum openings are 0.5 mm, 1 mm or 2 mm. Drum part of the equipment is made from stainless steel. However, the main chassis may be made from carbon steel or stainless steel according to customers needs.

Drum structure is a special design of the V-Slot bars. This helps equipment avoiding from clogging significantly.
In custom designs drum part can be made from perforated stainless steel sheets.

- Removal of the fine particles efficiently.
- Automation with lifting pumps.
- Long-lasting with stainless steel parts.
- Energy saving.
- Mobile compact desing.

How does a rotary drum screen works
- Rotation starts with the signal comes from submersible or centrifugal feeding pumps.
- Nozzles start the injection of clean water to prevent from clogging.

-Internally -fed drum screens capture fine particles in the drum then throw away the system by helezon.

- Externally-fed drum screens stop fine particles out of the drum.

- Treated water collects and transferred by the flanged outlet.

Tambur Elek

Using Areas
Paper factories, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, food and milk industries.

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