Aspirating Aerators

Aspirating Aerators Aspirating aerators provide oxygenated air required for treatment in biological treatment units for domestic or industrial wastewaters. In recent years, aspirating aerators are more commonly used in our country than their equivalents such as brush aerators, surface aerators, or blower-diffuser systems.

In typical projects of Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (previous Ministry of Environment and Forestry), aspirating aerators are mostly preferred among aeration equipments. Aspirating Jet aerators (aerojet type) are quite efficient equipments compared to their equivalents due to their advantages in energy consumption, operating costs, and ease of operation etc. aspects.

The aspirating aerators produced by City Makine are designed in accordance with our experience in biological treatment plants and they are manufactured together with the suitable apparatuses for the plant to be built.

Jet AeratörThe motor powers of the aspirating aerators we produce can be chosen among 7.5, 15, 18.5, or 22 kW.

Advantages of Aspirating Aerators
- Energy consumption
- Ease of operation and maintenance
- Ease of mounting/assembly
- Domestic production options
- Oxygen efficiency: 1.5-2.0 kg O2 / kwh

City Makine provides assembly and maintenance services for your German fuchs jet aerators in accordance with the demands of our customers.

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