Slow Mixer

Slow Mixer Slow mixers are used in flocculation units or small scale sludge thickening units of chemical wastewater treatment plants.

Slow mixers are also called as propellers due to their wide blade structures.

Their blade dimensions, lengths, and numbers are determined/scaled according to the size of the tanks they are designed for.

Slow mixers are formed of a motor, reducer, coupler, shaft, and vanes/propellers. While selecting the motor output and reducer speed, they need to be designed such that they won't break down the existing floc structure.

City Makine slow mixers allow easy mounting and demounting during service and maintenance with their flanged mounting on the chassis installed on the tank.

Usually, with shaft lengths exceeding 1800 mm; bearing should be provided from below the tanks.

The slow mixers produced by City Makine are made of complete AISI 304 or AISI 316 quality stainless steel according to the aggressiveness of water.

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