Penstock Sluice gates and penstocks are especially used in open channel water structures of medium and large scaled treatment plants for guiding water flow.

Different from open channel-type sluice gates, wall-type sluice gates are used in dams and drinking water treatment plants.

While sluice gates can be used manually with hand-wheels, they can also be operated with electric power via actuators or reducers. Sluice gates operating via actuators or motors are called penstocks.

Sluice gates are the most important equipments directing flow in by-pass stacks and in the inlet channels of systems with reserve/back-up lines.
Sluice gates (penstocks) can be manufactured with manual or automatic control. They are machines moving up-and-down via a fixed or rising shaft found on a chassis/frame. Moreover, sealing parameter should be taken into account in penstock production.
The dimensions of penstocks and the thickness of materials to be used in their production may vary according to flow rate and water pressure.

The sluice gates & penstock manufactured by City Makine are made of epoxy coated carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized coated carbon steel, or stainless steel.

Stop logs are also manufactured by City Makine from stainless steel material.

Advantages of Penstocks
- the optimum method for open channel applications.
- can be made of different materials according to project requirements.
- can be operated in a motorized and level- or time-adjusted manner.
- strong/durable.
- easy maintenance.

Pentock - 4 Penstock - 5

Sluice Gate

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