Sand Filter

Sand Filter Sand filters used to capture suspended solids (SS) in water are widely used in clean water supply, industrial water conditioning and wastewater treatment.

Sand filters which are used in water supply or industrial water treatment systems; extend the service and operation life of activated carbon filters and reverse osmosis systems.

In wastewater treatment, it helps prevent leaks of bacteria or suspended solids that may be present in the treated water.

Anthracite can also be added to sand filters operating with the principle of passing water through the filters, by pressurized pumps, through silica layers (quartz) in different particle sizes called multi-media.

The quartz sand particles are filled into the filtration tank in order from large to small ones. Anthracite may be added to the top of the filter, if desired. In this view, suspended solids that are planned to be captured in the water accumulate on the surface of the sand media and the treatment is carried out by means of taking the purified water under the tank.

Suspended solids on the tank surface cause clogging of the sand filter over time and blocking of water filtration. In this case, the filtration pumps are stopped and the backwash pumps are started to operate. In this view, the solid substances that accumulate on the surface are removed from the system. Before backwashing, the special valve structure of the sand filter needs to be adjusted according to the backwash process.

Specially designed sand filtration valves can be used as automatic, manual (butterfly valve or ball valve) or 6-Way valve.

Automatic valves can be designed with pneumatic actuators or electric actuators. The automatic valve system is projected with time or pressure adjustment.

Sand filter tanks can be manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, PE, PP or FRP (fiber) depending on demand.

The sand filters manufactured by the City Makine are produced in such a way that they can withstand pressures up to 10 bar.

The velocity inside the sand filter should be projected to 2-8 m3 / h.m2.

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